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ME101: Visual Thinking



Rube Goldberg Machine:


The objective of this project was to create an autonomous "robot" out of foam core and other prototyping materials. The machines could not use any electricity. In the end, the robot had to complete the following tasks:


  • Start with the pull of a string
  • Pause for 5 seconds, then move forward 5 feet
  • Pause another 5 seconds, then juggle a ping pong ball 4 times with a 3 second pause between each juggle
  • Return to the initial position
  • Pause 5 more seconds, then do a celebration at the end 

Unfortunately, most of my videos were saved on an old computer, but I managed to find the following video showing the ping pong juggling sequence:


Up close photo of the finished product:


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.