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ME 218A: Smart Product Design Fundamentals


Team design project series on programmable electromechanical systems design. Topics: transistors as switches, basic digital and analog circuits, operational amplifiers, comparators, software design, state machines, programming in C.


This course is the first in a year long Mechatronics sequence that I will be taking. 


The first noteworthy project was an infrared Morse decoder. We had to take a blinking IR LED and condition the signal for a microcontroller. We then had to write a piece of software to decode the message and print it onto an LCD screen.


The blinking IR LED



Check out a successful trial run of my Morse decoder!





The final project in this course was to create an interactive game using many different types of sensors. The premise of the game was that a supervillain had planted a doomsday device in the Statue of Liberty, and the two players must go through a series of steps under 60 seconds to defuse the device and save the Statue. First they must push the throttles forward to move the boat across the water, then press the buttons to run up the steps. Finally, they must complete a 2 dial combination lock to diffuse the device. We used a TIVA Launchpad microcontroller to control the game



Here is the video of our beautiful project. It looked great and worked perfectly every time!




On this project I worked primarily on the software design and also helped with the integration of the software and hardware.


Here is a link to our project page:



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.