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ME 131B: Fluid Mechanics: Compressible Flow and Turbomachinery


This course covered the following topics: Engineering applications involving compressible flow: aircraft and rocket propulsion, power generation; application of mass, momentum, energy and entropy balance to compressible flows; variable area isentropic flow, normal shock waves, adiabatic flow with friction, flow with heat addition. Operation of flow systems: the propulsion system. Turbomachinery: pumps, compressors, turbines. Angular momentum analysis of turbomachine performance, centrifugal and axial flow machines, effect of blade geometry, dimensionless performance of turbomachines; hydraulic turbines; steam turbines; wind turbines. Compressible flow turbomachinery: the aircraft engine.


My final lab assignment in this course was to investigate a miniature wind turbine in a wind tunnel.


In this lab we examined flow across a wind turbine to determine the relationship between rotor speed and turbine power output and the effect of the wind turbine on the flow of air downstream of the wind turbine.


Besides learning about wind turbine design given anticipated wind speed in a given location where the turbine is to be placed, I learned more about motor characterization and using a motor as a generator.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.