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Bobby Edwards
(925) 628-4913 |   eddiebob@stanford.edu

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Seeking a fulltime position with a tech company working on projects that would complement my skills in Mechanical, Electrical and Software Engineering


2010-Present                                                     Stanford University                                            Stanford, CA

Master of Science - Mechanical Engineering – To be conferred December 2015

  • Breadth courses taken in Mechatronics
  • Depth courses taken in Dynamics and Controls
  • GPA: 3.8

Bachelor of Science-Mechanical Engineering – Class of 2014

  • GPA: 3.5


Intern, Tactical Haptics LLC, Current

  • Currently working on improving orientation tracking of a haptic controller for use in virtual reality
  • Embedded systems software design

Summer Researcher, Biomimetics/Dexterous Manipulation Laboratory - Stanford, Summer 2014
Worked on individual and team-based projects under Professor Mark Cutkosky. Main projects include jump glider with extensible wings and mini-quadrotor perching for surveillance.

  • Skills required: rapid ideation and prototyping, hacking a quadrotor operating system, design of experiments, mechatronic design, Arduino programming, signal processing and analysis, stress analysis

Student Researcher, Amazon Lab 126, Spring 2014
Performed glass impact testing on glass samples for the Amazon Kindle. Worked with a group of fellow Stanford students in our Mechanical Engineering Design capstone course

  • Skills required: Design of experiment, Data Collection and Analysis, Engineering Design, Engineering Report Composition

Tutor, Stanford Athletic Academic Resource Center, Winter/Spring 2015

  • Prepare and present material to undergraduate student-athletes taking Mechanics of Materials, Introduction to Solid Mechanics, and Introductory Electronics


  • Software: Solidworks, MotionGenesis, Working Model, Altium Designer, Microsoft Office, learning Pro/E
  • Mechatronics: Mechanical Design, Microcomputer Control (ARM and PIC), Sensor Integration, bus protocols (SPI,UART,I2C), wireless communication
  • Machining Processes: lathe, mill, oxyacetylene welding, band saw, chop saw, drill press, laser cutting, rapid prototyping
  • Computer Languages: C, Assembly, Java, MATLAB, Arduino, Python

Honors and Activities

Stanford University Varsity Men's Soccer (2010-2014)

  • 20 hours per week, 10 months per year
  • Pac 12 All-Academic Team 2012, 2014
  • NSCAA Men’s University Division Scholar All-West Region Honorable Mention
  • NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship Award nominee
  • Pacific 12 Conference Champions 2014
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Here is a link to my summer blog documenting my time in the Biomimetics/Dextrous Manipulation Lab - Stanford



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.