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Time Management Workshop Reflection


An additional workshop was held as part of the Latino Scholar's program: Adina Glickman from the Center for Teaching and Learning came to speak to us about time management and procrastination.

The workshop was great in that it really brought into perspective a lot into of the things I normally overlooked. It made me realize that I needed to develop better "napping" skills, but more importantly, it helped me understand that I needed to develop a better sleeping schedule. All that's left to be answered is how to manage everything when it changes so much from day to day? What sort of system should I start using and stick to in order to ensure continued success in the coming years? What important long-term goals should I be working towards if I intend on remaining well organized?



(1) Slowly, I am being made more aware of how I trick myself into putting something off until I can properly schedule a time to do it. In time, though, I hope to change that. I am planning to separate what I would consider my "To-Do's" for they day from my normal weekly work schedule.


(2) I have also seen that when it comes to writing papers, I fail to see the entire process as it gradually occurs. I need to focus more on the slow, meticulous steps that lead up to the finished paper I'm working towards. So lately, I have been spreading out the process of writing. I have been working towards scheduling out when small gains are made to a paper I'm working on.




Weekly Schedule

In order to keep all of my scheduling conflicts to a minimum, I decided to create a Google Docs calendar. It helps schedule everything and even alerts me (via text message) when events are. So far it's helped me keep myself on top of everything, and I look forward to refining it even more. You can click the image to the left to see my current schedule.




DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.