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I have been reading Nobel Lectures in physics to learn from the most brilliant, especially how their epoch-making ideas struck them in a compelling way (if you can propose more than one candidate theory for any physics then probably all of them are wrong). Below are some of my comments on them and their discoveries that you can download:


  1. Max Planck-Blackbody Radiation.docx
  2. Albert Einstein-Special and General Relativity.docx
  3. De Broglie-Wave-Particle Duality.docx
  4. Werner Heisenberg-Matrix Mechanics.docx
  5. Erwin Schrodinger-Wave Mechanics.docx
  6. Paul Dirac-Dirac Equation.docx
  7. Wolfgang Pauli-Exclusion Principle.docx
  8. Max Born-Probabilistic Interpretation.docx
  9. Yang-Parity Violation.docx
  10. Mossbauer-Recoiless Resonance Absorption.docx
  11. Feynman-Path Integral and Feynman Diagram.docx
  12. Giaever-Tunneling in Superconductors.docx
  13. Geim-Isolation and Characterization of Graphene.docx

Many More Coming Up Soon!


Here is the graphical representation of the relations among the Nobel Prize awards: Nobel Prize in Physics Tree.docx


I have almost been reading the most well-known popular/text books by renowned physicists. You can find the notes that I have written for the following books:


  1. Albert Einstein-Relativity.pdf


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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.