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Berkeley Condensed Matter Physics Courses


PHYSICS 211 Statistical Mechanics (DH Lee) PHYSICS 211 Notes Summary.pdf

PHYSICS 212 Renormalization Groups and Phase Transitions (DH Lee) PHYSICS 212 Notes 2014 Summary.pdf

PHYSICS 216 Quantum Magnetism (A Vishwanash) PHYSICS 216 Summary.pdf

PHYSICS 240A Quantum Theory of Solids I (S Louie) PHYSICS 240A Notes Summary.pdf

PHYSICS 240B Quantum Theory of Solids II (S Louie) PHYSICS 240B Notes Summary.pdf

PHYSICS 250 Demystifying Quantum Field Theory (A Vishwanath) PHYSICS 250 Summary.pdf

PHYSICS 250 Geometry and Topology in Many-Particle Systems (J Moore) PHYSICS 250 Summary.pdf

PHYSICS 250 Point Groups in Condensed Matter (J Analytis) PHYSICS 250 Notes Summary.pdf


Stanford Condensed Matter Physics Courses


PHYSICS 370 Quantum Many-Body Theory (SC Zhang) PHYSICS 370 Summary.pdf

PHYSICS 450 Conformal Field Theory (S Shenker) PHYSICS 450 Summary.pdf

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.