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  • Investigated numerically the effect of the birefringence of optical fibers on the soliton formation and dynamics in a fiber ring laser using MATLAB and Fortran.
  • Simulated and constructed a diode-pumped high-power ultra-broadband double clad Yb3+ fiber ring laser for gas detection based on the optical parametric oscillator technique.


Fiber provides a unique cavity for lasers in that it is easy to carry and tailor for any given cavity length.  Moreover when doped with Erbium or Ytterbium atoms it becomes simultaneously a gain medium, and because of the small cross section it can produce extremely high intensity.  High output power enables detection of chemicals in gas phase with extremely small concentration.   High intensity enables studies on many interesting but extremely weak nonlinear optical phenomena.  This project aimed at constructing an ultra long fiber ring laser (> 5m Erbium doped double-clad fiber) with ultra high power (> 40W diode pump).




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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.