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ME112: Machine Design


This class was about mechanical mechanisms.  We learned about gears and motors, 4-bar linkages, and how to do analysis on these types of systems.  We did two projects. 


The first was a small Lego robot that had to climb up a pole. We had to experiment with gear ratios, determine the Lego motor characteristics, and have a design that was easy to assemble because we had to assemble it and have it climb the pole within 10 minutes on presentation day!  We practiced until we could assemble it in 2 minutes.  It performed well, climbing the pole reasonably fast and consistenly.  It featured two wheels on one side, and one wheel on the other side, with rubber bands holding the two sides together.


 Final Report on Crawler: ME112 Crawler Report.docx





The second, bigger project was to build a robot bunny rabbit.  We had to analyze and design 4-bar linkage systems for the front and back legs that imitated the gait of a rabbit, pick a motor and drive train system, and make it look like a bunny rabbit.  It had to be able to climb a ramp in 30 seconds and knock over a small gate at the end. Our rabbit took 31 seconds, but had a great rabbit-like gait!  Also, it had to have one auxillarly rabbit function, so our ears wiggle back and forth as it moves!

Final Report on Bunny: Final Report on Bunny Rabbit.docx

And then we also made bunny ears for ourselves :)

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.