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ME131A: Heat Transfer Heat Sink Design Competition


We learned about conduction, convection, and radiation in this class, building on things we learned in thermodynamics and introductory fluid mechanics.  We learned about heat sinks, how to analyze them, and got to put this knowledge to use in a design competition.  In groups of three, we were given limited materials and constraints, and had to come up with the most effective design we could.  We then got to build it and test it, which was fun!  As part of the lab report, we had to create a model in Excel and explain why we chose the design we did.  While our heat sink did not perform as well as we hoped, we stand by the simple design we chose to optimize.


You can read the full report here:



Pictures of our heat sink:

The base plate is 3x3", and the pins could be no taller than 2".


We tried to find the balance between more surface area and good air flow, as well as lighter weight.


We roughened the surface of the pins to induce turbulence.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.