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My Classes


This is a list of the classes I have taken and a roadmap of the classes I plan to take to complete my BS in Mechanical Engineering and a Minor in Astronomy.  I intend to go on to graduate school, though I have not decided if I want to pursue a Master's or PhD. 


Coming in to college, I decided that I was here to learn, not to get a fabulous GPA.  There are just so many classes that I wanted to take, and learning is more important to me.  Thus, most of my quarters were jam-packed with classes, because majoring in engineering is hard enough, then add in a minor, and the occassional fun class like Organic Chemistry (yes, I literally took that for fun!).  As a result, I am very happy with my education experience, because I truly have learned an immense amount.


Freshman Year

Fall 2009

     IHUM: The Art of Living

     Math 51: Linear Algebra

     Chemistry 31X: Chemical Principles

     Freshman Introductory Seminar: Renewable Energy for a Sustainable World


Winter 2010

     IHUM: The Making of the Modern World

     Math 53: Ordinary Differential Equations

     Italian 3

     Physics 41: Mechanics


Spring 2010

     IHUM: The Making of the Modern World

     Physics 43: Electricity and Magnetism

     PWR1: Rhetoric in the Global Context

     Freshman Introductory Seminar: Imaging: From the Atom to the Universe


Sophomore Year

Fall 2010

     Physics 45: Light and Heat

     Physics 46: Light and Heat Lab

     E40: Circuits

     ME101: Visual Thinking


Winter 2011

     E30: Engineering Thermodynamics

     CS106A: Programming Methodology (Java)

     E14S: Statics

     Chemistry 33: Organic Chemistry

     Social Dance 1


Spring 2011

     ME70: Fluid Mechanics

     Math 52: Multivariable Vector Calculus

     E15: Dynamics

     PWR2: Rhetoric of Creativity and Commerce


Junior Year

Fall 2011

     ME131A: Heat Transfer

     Physics 70: Modern Physics (special relativity/quantum mechanics)

     History 106A: Global Human Geography: Asia and Africa


Winter 2012

     CME106: Intro to Probability and Statistics for Engineers

     ME131B: Fluid Mechanics

     Physics 160: Introduction to Stellar and Galactic Astrophysics

     STS110: Ethics and Public Policy

     Social Dance 3


Spring 2012

     ME203: Design and Manufacturing

     ME103D: Engineering Drawing and Design

     E102M: Technical/Professional Writing for Mechanical Engineers

     Physics 161: Intro to Extragalactic Astrophysics and Cosmology

     ME220: Introduction to Sensors

     Social Dance 2


Senior Year

Fall 2012

     ME161: Dynamic Systems, Vibration and Controls

     CEE70: Introduction to Environmental Engineering

     ME80: Mechanics of Materials

     Psych 1: Introduction to Psychology

     ME110: Engineering Sketching


Winter 2013

     ME210: Intro to Mechatronics

     ME112: Mechanical Systems Design

     HumBio 183: Astrobiology and Space Exploration

     Social Dance 3 (again)


Spring 2013

     ME140: Advanced Thermal Systems

     ME113: Mechanical Engineering Design

     Physics 100: Labratory Astronomy

     Aerial Fabrics


I have also taken Intermediate Gymnastics nearly every quarter.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.