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Painting and Crocheting


My two main artistic outlets are painting and crocheting.  I took painting classes in high school, and it is something that I enjoy doing when I have lots of time (which is rare).  I did watercolor and acrylic, and acrylic is my favorite.  I love being able to layer paint and mix an infinite number of colors to really try to get something to look real.  However, mixing colors is also just fun!


I won two First Place awards and four 3rd place award in the California State Fair Youth Art competition over two years, and had my two First Place pieces on display at the fair, which was awesome.  I also won a few awards at my high school art competition.



  My First Place award-winning watercolor painting of a butterfly.

My other crafty hobby I enjoy doing is crocheting.  I always like buying yarn, because it came in such pretty colors, but I never really knew what to do with it.  One day, when I was about 11, my brother and I were at a craft store and saw a Learn How to Crochet book, and decided we wanted to learn how to crochet.  We pooled our money to buy the book and hooks, while my mom shook her head at us, thinking we would never actually stick wtih it long enough to crochet anything.  We already had lots of yarn at home, so we indeed learned how to crochet.  I only ever learned the basic crochet stitch, and just ran with it, making things up as I went along.  I made potholders for my parents, scarves for myself and several friends (my scarves are the warmest things ever, because I use really thick soft yarn, and my stitching is super tight), a few belts, a purse, and camera cases (like the one shown below, which was a present for a friend).

I have also dabbled a little bit in hand sewing, again just making things up as I go.  I made several pillows and pillowcases, and the most complicated one was when I re-created my favorite little green pillow. 


Before and After shots: I made the new case, stuffed the entire old pillow inside, and sewed it up so it looked like new!

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APPLES, PEARS, and PEACHES - the Designing Education Lab Fruit, Summer 2012


I painted this bowl of fruit for my lab in honor of the surveys we have done - APPLES (Academic Pathways of People Learning Engineering Survey), PEARS (Pathways of Engineering Alumni Research Survey), and PEACHES (Professional Entrepreneurial Aims and CHaracteristics of Engineering Students).  The pears and the apples are the actual logo fruits!

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