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Research: Designing Education Lab


I am an undergraduate researcher in Sheri Sheppard's Designing Education Lab.  We do engineering education research through a number of different projets.  I began working with the group in June 2011 through a summer undergraduate research program in the mechanical engineering department. 


Please see the Conference Papers section to read papers I helped write.


Projects that I work on:

  • EPS - PEARS: One component of the Engineering Pathways Study was the Pathways of Engineering Alumni Research Survey (PEARS).  I was a key member in the development and deployment of the survey to the engineering alumni from four schools from the class of 2007. 
  • Epicenter: Our team is the research component of the Epicenter project, which is aimed at increasing entrepreneurship education for engineers. 
  • PEACHES (Professional Entrepreneurial Aims and CHaracteristics of Engineering Students): This survey is designed to gather information on students' perceptions of entrepreneurship and hopes to identify characteristics that predict or are associated with entrepreneurial intent. 
  • E14: Engineering 14- Introduction to Solid Mechanics is a class that Sheri Sheppard teaches.  We have been investigating ways to make the class better.  Specifically, I helped re-design an engineering teamwork game called Delta Design for use in the class. 
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.