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Week 10


This is SO not ok.  How on earth did it get to be week 10, and thus the end of summer, already!?  The exciting thing is that we get to stay with the research team when school starts, so even though it's the end of summer, we don't actually have to stop working on all this!  I am super happy that we'll get to stay to actually see the results of all our work - we'll get to see the PEARS deployment and survey results, the first full scale in-class trial of Delta Design in E14, and we'll be coninuing work on our ePortfolios and helping others with them as a group of incoming freshmen create them fall quarter. 


This week has mostly been spent on end-of-summer stuff.  We spent Monday and Tuesday creating our poster for the SURI poster session.  We also wrote two page summaries for the SURI program.  It was fun to write about all the different things we did this summer, and reflect on what I have learned.  Previous to this summer experience, I had only known about quantitative research.  One of the biggest things I’ve learned is how to do qualitative research, which is interesting because you find out more information and more of the intricacies of topics that I had never previously considered as research ideas.  Coding the interviews was fun because we not only got to learn what individual people had to say, but categorize thoughts to evoke some quantitative data.  I have discovered that I enjoy qualitative research, so I am grateful to have had the opportunity to figure this out as an undergraduate, because it will have implications for me if I decide to go to graduate school.  I am also glad I have discovered the field of engineering education, since I am very interested in both engineering and education (those are the two career paths I am considering). 


I of course was still making minor edits to PEARS in Qualtrics (because that never ends, haha).  And we edited the Delta Design instructions some more, and then ran another test with two of the other SURI students in CDR.  It's fascinating to watch other people play this game that we've spent so much time working on, and it's hard to let go and not try to give them advice on what to do and not do, because they need to learn on their own.  However, the test went really well, and we think we have in fact succeeded at re-designing this game - it took the right amount of time, and seemed to be the right level of difficulty.  Unfortunatley, we did not have time to run a test with four people, but they agreed with us that it would be better in teams of four, with two people in each position.  We will be emailing all of the information, recommendations, and instructions to Sheri. 


And because I know you love reading about the fun stuff: Michelle and I made a bow tie (so we went fabric shopping, created the pattern, ironed, cut, and sewed the bow tie!) for our friend, and it turned out splendidly!! I also learned how to tie it! (see picture at the bottom)  I have also gotten a LOT better at juggling, something I've been working on (my personal best at the moment is a run of 50 catches!).  Gymnastics practice on Thursday was super fun because two of Zoe's old teammates were visiting, and they practiced with us.  They were super nice and fun to be with, and it made me remember one of the biggest reasons I loved gymnastics so much - the people.  It made me miss my teammates, so one of the things I'm looking forward to doing while I'm home is visiting the gym and seeing them.  We also had a midnight In-n-Out milkshake run, which was fun!


Unfortunately, it's also been a week of some not-so-fun stuff, like packing up my room and preparing to move out.  It's also been sad saying good-bye to my friends, most of whom I will see in a month when we come back to school, but a few who I will not because they are going abroad fall quarter.  We're all having one last dinner together tonight. 


It has been amazing to work in the Center for Design Research (something I did not even know existed until I started working here!).  I have gotten to know the other people working here, made some great friends, and developed lasting relationships with the people I worked on these projects with.  It has been a fabulous summer, I wish it were longer!!!!


     The epic bow tie we made!!

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.