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Week 5


Week 5 went by in a flash (which is tragic, because that means summer is now half over :(  Shannon and Helen are back from vacation, so we started out the week with a long meeting about the PEARS survey.  Section 1 was ready for prototyping in Qualtrics, and that became my focus for the rest of the week.  I'm certainly getting to know Qualtrics, discovering more little tricks to make things easier.  By Wednesday, I had it up with lots of questions, and after a flurry of emails, we decided a meeting would be more efficient, which happened on Friday via Skype.  We realized that it's challenging because we're not all sure we're looking at the same screen, so Michelle and I are now looking into group web meeting software like Adobe Connect that allows for screen sharing so in the future, we can have more efficient meetings where we're all looking at the same thing.  We spent some time one morning playing around with Adobe Connect, trying to figure out how to use it, and we were entertained by the fact that we could actually control each other's screens! 


We also met with Helen and Sam on Thursday about everything, but specifically our ePortfolios.  I was pleased to find out that we can clone the portfolio, so I could make a slightly more relevant/professional version of it (because right now, I'm just having too much fun writing stories, which are just not necessarily going to be of interest or relevant to someone looking to hire me, for example).  But I am going to continue writing stories and such for now so that you all can get to know me better!


As far as my (still relatively nonexistent, but getting there!) personal project, Sam sent me some reading material to help be get some background before just floundering and reading interviews.  I still want to do something looking at people's answers to What is engineering/what is an engineering job?  So after I read that and look at some more interviews, maybe I'll have a slightly better idea of what I want to do (or that's the hope anyway!).  But I really will be working on this!


This week will still be full of Qualtrics, and we are having another meeting on Wednesday to try to really finalize Section 1.  We will also work more on Delta Design, since we never really to to that last week.  Michelle finished our new version of the game board though! 


In the fun front, I had dinner one night with a bunch of my wushu friends (though it was a bit sad, because it was to say good-bye to one of them who is moving to Kentucky for grad school).  At gym, there is now a team of girls from a local gym that come in from time to time - and their coach used to coach at my old gym!  So that was super funny, I literally haven't seen him in about 10 years, and I still totally recognized his voice, and he still remembered me (though he was never actaully my coach).  And then I actually went home for the weekend to go to the State Fair with my two best friends from high school - we had a blast pretending to be little kids, eating lots of unhealthy fried food on a stick (tried deep fried peanut butter cups on a stick this year, and they were DELICIOUS!), saw a hilarious hypnotist show, got almost convinced to buy all kinds of things we don't really need (but man, the salespeople are good!), and saw a piglet being born.  Unfortunately, this was also a bit sad because this was the last time I'll get to see one of my friends for a while, as she's moving to Hawaii to go to pharmacy school (so now I just need to start saving up so I can go visit her!)


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.