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Week 6


Why does each week go by faster than the last??  Week 6 went by in a blur.  I once again spent most of the week working on Section 1 in Qualtrics.  The good news is that Section 1 is really close to being done!!  We had several meetings about it, including one conference call where we used Adobe Connect for the screen sharing.  For some reason, the audio was not working correctly, but the combination of Skype and Adobe Connect seemed to work pretty well.  It was nice for everyone to be on the same page, so we'll probably continue to use it for some meetings.  Once Section 1 is nailed down, the rest of the sections should be pretty easy since we totally know what we're doing now.  It's really exciting to see PEARS actually taking shape!  On the note of pears, Michelle and I also spent some time looking at pictures of pears for the PEARS website, which was entertaining... who knew there were so many different kinds of pears?! 


I also read a bunch of papers Sam sent me related to the topic of what is engineering/an engineering job, since I want to write something about that.  It was interesting to see what other people have already written.  This week, I want to look at more of the interviews and get a better sense of what people are saying, and hopefully make more progress on what I actually want to do.  However, Sheri just sent us some more paper ideas, and the possibility of writing about the Delta Design game re-design was intriguing, so we'll see, haha. 


Michelle and I worked on the Delta Design game, experimenting more with some of the factors we are changing.  We need to start re-writing the directions, and figure out optimal values for some of the constraints, but it's looking promising!  We played it a couple more times, trying to figure out where the problems are, and how to make it more challenging (we're still at the point where things we just plunk down work fine, so we're tightening the constraints and adding rules).


I also worked a bit more on my ePortfolio.  I added a version of my resume (though I need to work on it more) and a description on the My Interests page.  Helen just came back from an ePortfolio conference, so after we meet with her about it, I'm sure I'll be doing lots more work on it this week!


On the fun front, I'm learning more of the broadsword set in wushu, which is really exciting for me!  One night, I had a big reunion with people from last summer - it was another counselor and I, and a record 7 of our session 2 kids!  Two of them are back doing EPGY again, two live in the area, two were still in the area visiting relatives, and one had just gotten off a plane an hour before the reunion.  5 of them were girls who had become a close-knit group at camp, and they were SO excited to see each other again, it was adorable.  And this weekend was EPIC, we finally went to Santa Cruz to go to the beach!  It was a pretty big group of us (11 people).  We spent time in the water, lots of time laying around on the beach and eating, went on a few rides at the Boardwalk, ate dinner at a Thai place, and didn't get home until midnight.  It was super fun!  We also went to  the movies to see Crazy Stupid Love (a girl from my high school has a pretty major part in it, which was really cool!) and went to our friend Tal's birthday party (which was fun because we finally had all 6 of us who will be living in a suite together next year in one place!). 


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.