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Week 7


So, I think I've hit a new low for not realizing how fast time is going by - yesterday (Thursday), Mark asked me if I was the update-compiler of the week, and I said yes, because I had it on my calendar, I knew it was my turn.  But then he said, "ok, I'm sending you mine" and I was confused, becuase that's something that needs to be done on Thursdays, not Wednesdays!  I was COMPLETELY convinced that it was Wednesday.  After giving me a funny look, I looked at my watch and realized that it was in fact Thursday, and I had lost my week.  Oops.


Anyway, my week was lost to the PEARS school report charts... again, haha.  They really are never-ending (but once again, they are getting closer!)  I had a meeting with Sam and Helen on Tuesday, and I finished the next round, so they really should be coming out to the rest of the team ANY DAY NOW.  This round of changes unforunately involves re-running the numbers because we have decided to use percentages of people who said "yes" instead of the means on a bunch of questions, so I have subsequently been doing that for all the schools.  Not going to lie, I am really looking forward to finishing these, haha. 


However, in our weekly team meeting, we were talking about ASEE papers, and Sam had a brilliant idea - since I'm already looking at/so familiar with all this data for each school, I should write a paper comparing the schools!  I am really looking forward to this, because I have already been noticing interesting differences between the schools.  Once I finish all the charts, I'll print them all out and compare everything, which will be really interesting.  I'm very excited about this! 


I have a meeting with Mark Schar on Monday, and then I will be getting back into the pre-PEACHES dataset, and that will be exciting!  And, one of these days soon, these charts really will be DONE. 


In the realm of fun, the reason my week seemed off was because I was gone Thursday-Monday in Las Vegas for Defcon, a hacking conference.  It was super fun!!  I got to spend 3 days hanging out with some old friends from my NASA internship 3 years ago (this is the only time I see some of them).  We went to some really interesting talks, and I learned a lot (they are all super patient at explaining things to me, because as a mechanical engineer, I usually have no idea what's going on and what all the acronyms are and such).  Not necessarily anything practical for me, but I just like learning new, interesting things.  And then I've been watching the Olympics, mostly gymnastics!  It was really exciting that the US women won team gold and Gabby Douglas won individual all-around!  It definitely makes me miss gymnastics, though. 

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.