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Week 8


Once again, I can't believe how fast this week has gone!!


The good news is that we *FINALLY* got the PEARS school reports out to the rest of the team for review, so hopefully after another few revisions, they will actually be done!!  At the moment, we just got back comments from everyone, so I have more work to do on them, but nothing to major.  I met with Helen and Sam a few times over the week to discus things relating to the reports. 


Monday, I had a skype meeting with Mark Schar, and we talked about the pre-PEACHES data analysis that he did and that I can do.  I dove back into that projet by trying to understand the actualy statistical analysis that he did, learning more SPSS along the way.  I learned a limited amount of SPSS to do the school reports, so I've very good at producing frequencies, but not real statistics like t-tests.  So, I also met with Sam and learned more about t-tests and why I should be using them.  I was able to reproduce Mark's results (in one case, correcting him on something!), and my next steps will be finding new things.  However, got to go finish those school reports first...


I also started a new section on my portfolio about Learning Outcomes.  I'm once again happy to be the guinea pig on a new effort Helen is pushing to use ePortfolios as a way for students to demonstrate how they have learned each of the things that Stanford says we should have learned as undergraduate mechanical engineers.  The university is making an effort to have every department list the learning outcomes of their degree program, which is great!  But then of course the question is, how are students actually learning these things?  So the portfolio is a really nice platform to explain how I have learned things, because sometimes the answer is not a class.  It will be enlightening to the professors and deans, who think they are teaching me something in one way, and perhaps discovering that I am not actually learning it through that medium.  It is also very interesting to me as I reflect and think about all the aspects of my life that have contributed to my learning. 


In the realm of fun things, I had a movie night with two of my guy friends, and we watched The Land Before Time (yes, the animated dinosaur movie that people watch at about age 5).  The funniest part was checking it out from the library - the lady thought she had read the call number wrong, and pulled out a second movie with a close number that she thought was what we wanted.  When we informed her that no, we really did want the set of Animated Family Favorites, she gave us the strangest look.  It was awesome, haha.  A few friends and I also went to a farmer's market and had a dinner party, which was fun!  And we are going to the beach tomorrow, which I am VERY excited about!

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.