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Week 8


This was a short week for me, since I came back from Las Vegas late Monday night.  Started off the week with the Tuesday 8am interview team conference call, and spent most of the day remembering why it's a bad idea to not check my email for 5 days, haha.  I finished the edits from last week's PEARS conderence call, and we had another meeting on Wednesday.  It will ACTUALLY be done by the beginning of next week!  And then we'll get the rest of the sections, and soon we'll have a complete draft of PEARS in Qualtrics!  It's going to be exciting! :)


Michelle and I also worked on finding some information about the four school's undergraduate engineering graduation requirements for Shannon.  This involved some internet research, phone calls, and pretending to be a prospective student, which was kind of fun. 


Michelle and I also spent a day editing each other's ePortfolios to get them ready to be shown to other people/the world.  It was fun to read each other's stories, because while we are really close friends, we still learned new things about each other through reading the portfolios.  They are now public, so people can see them!  We will still be editing them, but for the most part, they are done.  Helen is working with several people to try and get feedback on the portfolios, which will be exciting.  I'm glad to be a guinea pig on this project because I'm going to get lots of personal, helpful advice on my portfolio that I otherwise would not get!  And it has legitimately been fun to write all these stories about my life!


We have also been doing a lot of work on Delta Desgin.   I re-wrote the Project Manager instructions and the Design Task, and Michelle is working on the Structural Engineer.  We will have this done soon, and prototype the game with some of our friends this week.  I will also start writing about it, for the poster and the paper. 


And then the fun stuff: We spent a lovely evening making apple crisp, singing to our friend playing the guitar, and practicing juggling (a fairly typical evening for our friend group).  We also went to get boba one night.  I had a successful week in gymnastics - we cross-tumbled for the first time in months on the floor, and I did a round-off back handspring back layout for the first time since I quit gym 4.5 years ago!  And I also got my drop-kip on bars back, which was exciting! 
My last wushu practice of the summer was on Friday, which was sad, but we went out to dinner afterward, which is always fun!  And then nearly our entire friend group (about 15 people) went to Sky High, which is this super fun trampoline place!  We then went to a hill and laid outside to watch the meteor shower for a few hours.  I went back to Sacramento on Saturday for a wedding - it was the wedding of a friend of mine from my high school robotics team, and a friend of my brother's from his robotics team (yes, they are like my age, it's a little scary).  My brother was one of the groomsmen, which was cool.  It was a lovely ceremony, and we had fun at the reception!  I then spent Sunday just getting my life back in order, and we unfortunately had to say good-bye to one of our friends who is already done with work for the summer and went home.  We are very sad to only have two weeks left :(  But we intend to make the most of them!!


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.