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Week 9

Once again, WHERE DID THE WEEK GO!?  I lost it!  Well, I lost it in a flurry of PEARS... On Monday, we finally got Sections 2 and 5, which I promptly put into Qualtrics.  Tuesday morning, we got Sections 3 and 4.  I taught Michelle how to do it, so she did one section while I did the other.  I then compiled it into one link, and thus the complete draft of PEARS was born! :)  After a flurry of emails and phone calls and skype sessions with Shannon over the next 2 days, we had a meeting Thursday morning to go through the entire thing (it was a long meeting, haha).  We fixed all the super little things (like adding periods to "Mark one." because that is in fact a sentence!) and cut out some questions.  More pruning will need to be done, but it's looking good! 


We also worked a lot on Delta Design.  We finished re-writing the instructions, and played the game several more times to make sure the values of the constraints were making it the right level of difficulty.  At one point, Michelle actually said it was fun, which means we may have succeeded!  However, we discovered that we have gotten too good at the game, because we totally know each other's constraints and how to minimize things.  So we finally ran our first test run with other people.  We tested it with my friend Marian (who was here visiting) and a dear friend of ours who is a history major (we figured if we could get the game to make sense to him, we'd done a good job).  It was a bit frustrating for us, watching them, as we realized the problems we still have with the game and with our intructions.  But luckily, that means we are able to fix them!  We learned a TON from that trial, so we are re-working some aspects right now.  We will try again with more people (and hopefully engineering majors, haha) this week.  I also started writing about it, both for Sheri to know what we did, the paper, and the poster. 

Michelle and I had a Skype meeting with Sheri, and we are officially staying with the team for fall quarter!!!  I am very excited to get to continue working on PEARS (and of course see what comes out of it!).  It also made Shannon, Helen, and Sam happy, as they looked distraught at the thought of us leaving at the end of this week.  So YAY! :)  (though I am still distraught that we only have a week left here for the summer :( 


I was also busy with my middle school robotics stuff, starting FLL teams!  I had two meetings with two schools (along with Mark and Elizabeth).  One school is already working with the Boys and Girls Club which is next door, so they did not need us, but they will be starting between 3 and 5 teams.  So we went to the other school and proposed starting 2 teams there!  They were very receptive to the idea, so we are working through their after-school program where we will be there two days a week for 2.5 hours each, which is pretty much an ideal time schedule!  I also had a meeting with Jill, who runs Northern California FLL about how to get college students more involved.  And I now may be running a Jr.FLL Expo, haha.  I am very excited about this season!!


And again, it's been a fun week!  We had a birthday dinner for a friend on Monday.  Wednesday my friend Marian got here, and we went bowling with the group, and then tried to go to IHOP, only to find it was closed, so went to Denny's instead.  It was super fun!  Friday, we made more apple crip and watched a movie.  Saturday, I had a barbecue get-together with wushu people, and then we did one of the most epic things we've done yet: we went to a BARN DANCE.  It was sooooo much fun!!  Lots of "swing your partner round and round!"  We learned the moves to the dance, and then did it.  It was a lot of line and group dances, which were so much fun!

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.