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  • 7. 05/05/14, 12:21 am

    Says: "Hey Mia! Sorry for being MIA (hurhur bad pun sorry) for a while, but great work going there! First want to say that you redraw of the comic Pearls Before Swine is beautiful. I love your use of bold lines and color. For your final project, it is also really daring and different, and that's super exciting! I also like how you are showing all the different relationships between the various topics we are talking about in ITALIC, and how they all come together. Maybe it's just me but I am a little confused though about how the comic could conclude as you go down the line - do they all lead to different outcomes, do each outcome say something? Nevertheless, unique style and looking forward to see the final comic!"

  • 6. 05/03/14, 10:12 pm

    Says: "Taking the idea of a branched structure is brilliant! It's interesting that by bringing the comic out of its traditional form, this piece could be interpreted as this belonging to the realm of fine arts rather than of comics. I really enjoy the layout of top to bottom and the purposeful decrease in panel size. I wonder if you could take advantage of this comic being done on a sheet of paper, and have the panels overlapping big to small to occupy the entire paper, leaving no blank space - or if you could space the panels in grid style, playing around with the border size or panel size. With regards to the content, will the story sit on the dialogue? How can you make the conversation more efficient by utilizing the pictorial actions of the characters? By thinking about how you may want to use the imagery in addition to what you planned for the dialogue, I believe you can tell twice as much of a story in each panel. Good job with the preliminary planning, and I can't wait to see the final product!"

  • 5. 05/01/14, 09:47 pm

    Says: "Hi Mia, I appreciate the unique formatting you are choosing for your final comic. I think it will have great visual impact, but I would be careful about the "over-sized" style and continually shrinking panels creating too much of a contrast and making the page look to busy/confusing. However, I think your choice to do black and white and minimalist style will balance that. As far as the content, I think the most important decisions will be what you write in the first few rows of panels. They are the largest and people will see them first, and if people do not understand and connect to them they may lose interest in the rest of the comic since it is fairly complicated. I don't know how much thought you've given to what the characters will say, but I think approaching each topic from a widely relatable perspective will help engage the audience--for example, talking about elevator music (or something similar) and transitioning into the term Muzak rather than starting off with a term everyone may not know. I like this concept a lot and can't wait to see how it all comes together!"

  • 4. 04/23/14, 08:45 pm

    Says: "Your reinterpretation is very strong and I especially enjoy the way you chose to emphasize certain artistic elements in a way that makes yours much more minimalistic but also much more bold. It has a stronger visual impact than the original! I really don't have any complaints with how you did it, I think the different angles and "zoom-ins" are so interesting. Really awesome work. "

  • 3. 04/15/14, 06:14 pm

    Says: "The comic is great, I love the various shapes and sizes you use for the panels. I also love that you put in a little bit of color. It's a bit vague what is going on, which may be your point but it would be nice to see more of a conclusion at the end. Otherwise really great and beautiful!"