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  • 6. 03/13/14, 07:00 pm

    Says: "Mia/Kyle! one point - how do you enhance the gravity of this issue? i.e. how to focus on the negative effects on the media on this issue - otherwise brilliant!"

  • 5. 03/13/14, 03:25 pm

    Says: "I love your bricolage! Like the others said, there are certain parts that could be cut down (the end). There is also a lot of interviews but they are really interesting in terms of content and voice inflection and are used really well. "

  • 4. 03/13/14, 08:41 am

    Says: "What I really like about your bricolage is that it melds so many different elements together so well. I actually like the chattering that goes on under the interview as a type of gossip representation. As has been mentioned, the song is a bit long. Maybe there might be too many different elements, but I think you've made it work pretty well. Perhaps think about trimming some of them a little is all, but overall I really enjoyed it!"

  • 3. 03/13/14, 04:47 am

    Says: "Basically adding to what Katrina said: 1) Yes the explosion at the beginning is great, but just maybe tone down a tad bit. 2) The jokes and puns on Weiners is my favorite part and you have it in the perfect place to recapture the audience's attention 3) Yea- cut Chenoweth just a bit. But great ending 4) Maybe 1 or 2 more clips about social media, the public eye, and how scandals are easily spread around through social media would definitely nail the gravity aspect a bit more. Overall-- you guys have a strong bricolage going on. "

  • 2. 03/13/14, 02:14 am

    Says: "I really like the variety of sources you have incorporated! It feels a little cluttered and I got slightly confused. Also, I agree with Katrina about the ending. The beginning has made me laugh every time I've heard it. :)"

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