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Digication is one of two ePortfolio platforms we are piloting on campus.  Here are a few suggestions to help get you started with this tool.



The links to each section are listed above under the section titled "View Sections." You have the option of adding, editing, and rearranging the sections provided for you by clicking on the Add/Edit tab. Each section will come with the option to add, edit, or rearrange pages, which is located on the left-hand side of the page title "View Pages". Click on the Add/Edit tab to add, edit, or rearrange a page.


Also, you can hide a section/page if you do not want others to see it (see "Hiding, collapsing, heading sections/pages" below). 



In order to edit any section or page title use the Add/edit tab and the pencil and paper icon located beside the title to change or correct the title. Save your added/edited content early and often since it will be lost if you do not.  Alternatively, if you are doing any extensive writing, do it in a word processing program and copy and paste by clicking on the "Paste from Word" icon that looks like this: 


To add/edit the content of any section/page, use the Edit tab found within the module provided.


Adding modules

An initial module has been provided for you in each section for each page where content need to be added. In order to explore other modules offered or add one to a page click on the "Add a Module" link and add one or more modules, then click the "I'm done" button.



You have the option of publishing each section/page individually by using the Publish tab provided in each module, or you can use the "Publish All" link to publish all of the changes you have made to your entire ePortfolio. It is recommended that you use both to ensure that everything you add or edit in your ePortfolio is viewable in the officially published version of your ePortfolio (see Published tab at the top of this page).


Rearranging titles

Simply click on a title and drag it to where you want it to be. To nudge (or indent) a page title, simply move the title left or right according to how you want it aligned.


Hiding, collapsing, and heading sections/pages

Hide, collapse, and heading features have been created in case you do not want certain sections or pages shared with others, want to create sections/pages that can be collapsed, or non-clickable page headings, respectively.


In order to hide, collapse, or create a heading to a section/page, click on the Add/Edit tab, add a new section/page and under the link "Show Advanced" choose the options you would like. Or, with a preexisting title, click on the pencil and paper icon and edit the page/section title according to your preferences.


Settings & ePortfolio security options

Under the Portfolio Tools tab at the top right of the web page, click on Settings and set up your ePortfolio look, sharing options, and commenting parameters.


Also, feel free to check out the Digication Quick Start Guide here: https://stanford.digication.com/quickstart.pdf

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.