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Stanford University

M.S. in Mechanical Engineering expected June 2014


Stanford University

B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, June 2013
Graduated with Distinction 


Work Experience:


9/13 – present           

Course Assistant, Introduction to Solid Mechanics, Stanford University. Supervising Professor: Dr. Sheri Sheppard


7/13 – 9/13           

Research Intern, Center for Bionic Medicine, Rehabilitation Institute                         of Chicago. Supervisors: Drs. Tim Reissman and Nick Fey

      • Designed an experimental mechanism and protocol for a tactile feedback device for myoelectric upper limb prostheses
      • Processed motion capture and electromyography data for walking trials of control subjects in Visual3D and Matlab         

6/12 – 12/12            

Research Assistant, Biomimetics and Dexterous Manipulation Lab,                         Stanford University. Supervising Professor: Dr. Mark Cutkosky

      • Designed a new mechanism for applying gecko-inspired dry adhesives
      • Developed a process to optimize the precision and repeatability of prototyping small urethane mechanisms

6/11 – 9/11            

Salesperson, Palo Alto Bicycles, Palo Alto, CA


6/11 – 9/11             

Research Assistant, Solios Project, Stanford University. Supervising                         Professor: Bill Burnett

      • Aided in the development and the construction of the Solios Project, a sculpture designed to inspire people by the sun
      • Collaborated with students and faculty across different departments to create a multi-disciplinary approach for the Solios Project

6/10 – 9/10                     

Residential Counselor, Java and Robotics Class, Educational Program for Gifted Youth, Stanford University

      • Assisted the instructor with student projects and tutored students in Java and Lego Mindstorms



  • Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honors Society
  • Phi Beta Kappa Honors Society
  • Graduated with Distinction – Top 15% of the graduating class

Course Projects:


Smart Product Design: Synchro-Boarding: A Sports-Themed Arcade Game

In a team of four, designed and built the electronics, mechanics, and programming of an arcade game that combines skateboarding and synchronized swimming

-   Project Summary: synchroboarding.weebly.com 

Mechanical Engineering Design: Boeing Automated Gluing Machine

Designed and built a machine that cleaned and applied a consistent epoxy bead to variable length pieces of overhead bin trim for the Boeing 737

Introduction to Assistive Technology: Monkey Bar Prosthesis

Designed a prosthesis to allow children with upper limb amputation to play on the monkey bars

Bicycle Design and Frame-Building

Designed and built a steel bicycle frame for commuting


Relevant Coursework:



Statics, Dynamics, Mechanical Systems, Mechanics of Materials, Product Design, Synthesis of Mechanisms


Heat Transfer, Fluid Dynamics


Medical Devices, Introduction to Biomechanics, Assistive Technology


Vector Calculus, Linear Algebra, ODEs, PDEs, Statistics                 


Introductory Electronics, Sensors


Smart Product Design




  • Computer Skills: SolidWorks, Matlab, Visual3D, MotionGenesis, Word, Excel,       PowerPoint
  • Computer Programming: Python, C, C++, Java, and familiar with LaTeX and Scheme
  • Fabrication: Prototyping, Milling, Turning, Welding, Brazing, Woodworking
  • Language Proficiency: Hebrew – Intermediate; Spanish – Beginner/Intermediate

Volunteer Work:


9/12 – present             FIRST Robotics Team Mentor

1/12 – 3/12                 Math and Robotics Instructor, Centre for Science and Technology,

                                     Khayelitsha Township, South Africa

9/09 – present             Society of Women Engineers

9/10 – 6/13                 Stanford Challah For Hunger

9/09 – 6/12                 Habitat for Humanity

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.